My Taylor sounds thin next to this.Mike Tildesley


I began experimenting with the acoustic guitars after being asked by several customers who owned or played my classical guitars when I was going build a steel string.

I did a few things differently to tradition steel string.  I got rid of the X brace which is great for strength but stiffles the response, moved the bridge to the centre of the vibrating surface of the soundboard, changed the thickness of the sound board in places and strengthened the inside of the guitar to keep it from collapsing under the greater tension of steel strings.

The results were encouraging – the basses are more open, the trebles sing and all the strings are more balanced with each other.

When I was finished I gave to different players for their reactions.

This just blows away my Martins. Anthony Thompson

It’s unique. I’ve never heard a steel string with such an open, loud bass.  And yet it’s perfectly balanced, sweet on top.  It’s a finger picker’s dream.Neal Bradley

My Taylor sounds thin next to this.Mike Tildesley

You’ll have finger pickers breaking down your door.Ben Travers

I told you it sounds better than my Ovation or any other steel string I’ve played.  But the neck’s too thick. (I made the neck thinner the third time he said it).Jess Mewburn


Necks are made of Cedrella with a truss rod which is controlled through the soundhole.  Tops are AA European spruce reinforced with spruce struts and carbon fibre.

Back and sides can be made of English or American Walnut, Yew, Maple or Rosewood.  Other woods are available depending on your specifications.

Finger boards are ebony.


I try to accommodate customer’s preference for width and thickness of neck and height of string.  But there are limitations governed by the laws of physics.  For instance, a really low action will buzz if hit really hard.


All guitars can be amplified with a pickup.  Any pickup will change the the sound of the guitar because it has weight, but some are much lighter than others.

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