Classical Guitar Magazine Interview Stuart Mewburn

Classical Guitar Magazine interview with Stuart Mewburn. To Download the PDF, right click on the link below and select ‘Save As’. Alternatively you can click on the image to read it in the browser.

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Video – Granada played by Jon Pickard

Pre-owned guitar for sale

This guitar is in perfect condition.  It was commissioned by a client in France.  Unfortunately, he suffered a serious injury which makes it impossible for him to play which is why it is for sale.

Back and sides are in Bastogne walnut.  This wood is a sport of English walnut and Claro walnut. The great weight of the tree causes the ripple in the wood.

The wood is very dense which means it reflects sound well.

The price is £2,250 which includes a customized soft case which makes it easier to get on flights as hand luggage.

Video – ‘Genesis of the Acoustic’

A short documentary looking at two different individuals who are in the same profession, which is creating acoustic stringed instruments such as Guitars and Mandolins. Stuart Mewburn & Paul Hathway have dedicated their lives into their profession and this documentary is but a small tribute to their great work.