Sample Music


Julien Gobin

Julien Gobin learnt flamenco from his father who himself learnt from spanish artists who emigrated to Paris after the Spanish civil war.

In these recordings Julien gives a historical and geographical panorama of different styles of traditional flamenco. You will hear the differences between a Solea as it was played in the 1920s and now. You will hear the differences between a Buleria from Jerez and from Morón de la Frontera, two cities in Andalusia, each with different styles of playing.

But no matter which style, Julien plays deep, instinctive, and pure flamenco. Both the artist and the guitars sound great. Visit Julien at

Julien plays guitar 41 (Tarantas and Granainas) and 62 (the rest). 62 is for sale at

Recorded at RMS studios in London, Dec 2014 and Jan 2015.

Philippe Refig

Although Philippe spent much of his life as a dancer with the Paris Opera and, later, the English National Ballet his first love was the guitar. He studied flamenco in Spain and knew Diego del Gastor, the great gypsy player.

Philippe grew up in Paris where he was neighbour and friend of Robert Bouchet. He owned two Bouchets, one a very rare flamenco guitar. Unfortunately they were stolen from his London home. If you ever come across either of these guitars (number 49 and 58) please contact me.

Philippe plays guitar no. 29.


Martin Byatt

The following recordings are by Martin Byatt, a Scottish composer and musician who lives in London. These pieces feature guitar No. 11. You can buy a copy of Martin’s CD with several of his original compositions by contacting him on his website at

Gerard Cousins

Gerard Cousins has just released his debut album ‘Una Leyenda’ which has been featured on Classic FM.

Born in Wales, Gerard initially studied the guitar with Jeremy Herbert. He later studied music at University of Leeds with Graham Wade and in the Netherlands with Louis I. Gall winning scholarships and a distinction in performance. Gerard has won prizes in national and international competitions and performed in many countries including Serbia and Turkmenistan. He made his London debut at the Purcell room where the journal Musical Opinion wrote of his “beautiful playing and subtle phrasing.”

You can hear parts of his new CD and buy copies at

Gerard plays a guitar lent by Mike Tildesley for the recording session.

  1. Obsession - the prelude to Sonata No 2 Opus 27 by Eugene Ysaÿe. This is a new transcription by Gerard and is one of the first recordings for classical guitar of this violin masterpiece
  2. Elystan - Gerard Cousins
  3. Capricho Arabe - Francisco Tarrega
  4. Una limosna por el amor de Dios - Augustin Barrios Mangore

David Caswell

David Caswell is a specialist in playing Latin American music, and has played all over the world.

David plays these pieces on guitar No. 14.

Mike Tildesley

Mike Tildesley wrote this short piece for friends Anthony and Louise Thomson. Mike is a gigging bass guitarist and owns three Mewburn guitars.

Mike plays a bear claw spruce, brazilian rosewood backed guitar.

Neal Bradley

Neal Bradley fell in the love with the guitar at the age of 5 when he saw Tex Ritter playing one astride his horse, “White Flash” in and old TV movie.

He learned to play himself at the age of 11 on a guitar his father made from a kit that cost £2 10s. Dear old Dad didn’t think the spaces between the frets mattered overmuch so any chord above the third fret sounded like a strangled cat.

“I was introduced to the music of Django Reinhardt by members of the youth club my parents ran who taught me to play during the skiffle era back in the 1950s.

Though “Les Yeux Noirs” (Dark Eyes) is accepted as the official Gypsy Jazz anthem, “Minor Swing” is an equal favourite amongst the Manouche and in one concert hosted by Bireli Lagrene in Vienne, France in 2002, it was performed as the finale by 2 violins, a double bass, an accordion and 10 guitar players including Django’s Grandson, David.”

Neal is playing no.32 which was kindly lent for the session by Bryan Mathers who also designed this site.

Donovan Raitt

This traditional piece is played by Donovan Raitt, a gifted musician & composer living in Los Angeles. He may be reached at

Donovan plays these pieces on guitar No. 14.

Jon Pickard

Jon Pickard started playing piano at 6. At 15 he picked up the electric guitar and did gigs and sessions in London for 9 years. He became bored with music until someone gave him a classical guitar CD. He sold his electrics, bought a classical guitar and learned stuff like Asturias and Recuerdos by ear. Then he decided to get some proper tuition at university where he earned a first class degree. He now plays regular gigs and weddings where his music is moving away from classical towards flamenco.

He plays Carlo Domeniconi’s “Koyunbaba” on Mewburn Flamenco peghead number 35.

You can listen to more of Jon’s music at

Duncan Schmoll

Duncan Schmoll has been playing guitar since the age of 9. Early on he achieved grade 8 in Classical Guitar through ABRSM whilst also experimenting in rock, blues, slide guitar, funk and jazz. He lives in London teaching and playing full time.

He’s played with numerous artists/bands in South Africa, spent time in Chicago learning from the locals on the jam circuit and met Buddy Guy and his brother Phil. In London he completed a Degree in Contemporary Music Performance.

In his time in London he has run jam nights at The New X Inn in South-East London and at Powers in Kilburn, been involved in projects from classical to hard rock and everything in between. He opened at the Hop Farm Festival 2010 with his old band ‘The Uncles of Funk’ on the same bill as Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Dr. John, Mumford and Sons and Blondie.

Currently he plays in his own band project ‘Wild Rock Doves’ (an Allman Brothers/Tom Petty inspired project), performs in a strings project, plays classical guitar at various events, teaches quite a few students, does sessions (live and recorded), contributes to printed music and the odd pitch for adverts/library music.

Through his career he has had the opportunity to work and play with such artists as Glenn Nightingale (Jamiroquai, Bryan Ferry), Hugh Burns (George Michael, Jerry Rafferty, Mike Oldfield), Becky Jones (Saint Savior, Groove Armada), Steve Ryan (Trucks) and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd).

He plays ‘Sunburst’ a modern classical piece by Andrew York on Guitar 14.


Neal Bradley

This music comes from the steelstring guitars played by Neal Bradley.